Hello bed.

Say hello to Calligaris’s Marriott. It’s a lot more contemporary-ish than I had originally planned for but I liked that it was so clean. I don’t like that large rectangular cutout on the foot of the bed because you will be able to see ALL the dustballs that will potentially form…which means I can’t slack off on my Swiffer-ing/vacuuming. At least I’ll be on top of my cleaning…I hope?

I need some suggestions for side tables! Matching Calligaris ones cost $750 for two…uh..no thanks.



I’ve been looking for a couch for months via catalogues, google and making random trips to furniture stores around the area. I wanted to be resourceful and searched through Craig’s List and even…Facebook’s Marketplace (really!) but none pulled at my little heart strings until I sat and felt the smooth Italian leather of Natuzzi’s Savoy. Oh good mother. Italian’s do two things superbly well…and that’s food and leather.

I believe the color I chose was a cross between pancake batter and camel. Yes, it does look stiff but it’s surprisingly very comfy..you know, the slap on a pair of sweats, grab a tub of Haagen-Dazs and watch mindless TV kinda- worthy comfy.

Oh and I’m still working on my header so in the mean time why don’t you pretend that you’re taking a nice romantic walk across that bridge, will ya?